Eden Hazard-Rediscovering the Best

For the second time in 2 seasons Eden Hazard scored the title winning goal albeit winning it for Leicester City this time (congratulations Leicester City!). In a moment of pure brilliance, hazard beat 3 players with a turn and then finished a magnificent curling shot into the top corner of the goal to end Tottenham’s shot at the league title. With that one goal, it seemed like nothing else during the season mattered, and he couldn’t have looked happier. For the first time all season Hazard and Chelsea looked like Champions (ironically by handing the championship to Leicester :)).

As two Spurs players move over to close down the Belgian, he nutmegs Kyle Walker with a quick pass inside to Diego Costa.


Before firing a shot from just outside the box into the absolute top corner of the goal as Hugo Lloris dives to try and reach it. This is the goal that won Leicester the Title.

Here resembled a player who was the FPA and FWA player of the year, not the one who laboured throughout the season as if he had lost his love for football. Where 2014/15 season was a season of dreams and achievement, 2015/16 brought back the reality of life. He wasn’t just his usual self. It felt as if he had overrated himself. Success is not permanent and he learnt it the harsh way. Where he was scoring and assisting goals for fun in the title winning season, it has become a distant dream this season. He got his first league goals in Matchday 34(yes 34!) against AFC Bournemouth. This was the same player who scored the title winning goal as well as 13 other league goals last season.

Eden Hazard 2015-16 vs 2014-15 stats comparison


But the match against Spurs showed that he had his some of his mojo back. Partly, he just didn’t want his bitter rivals to win (rivalries can really bring the best out of a person). He was a constant menace to the spurs defence (meanest defence in the league) and the goal was just a reward for his determination. He looked like a player who was once considered by Mourinho as the 3rd best player in the world after Ronaldo and Messi. Of course he might not be able to match the numbers of the aforementioned duo but can be a player with the same aura as theirs.

Eden Hazard with the PFA Player of the Year trophy following a ceremony in central London on Sunday
Hazard will look to return to his devastating best that made his peers vote him as the best player in England a season ago.

He is getting his form back at just the right time before the Euros begin. He has to be at his best if Belgium are to go far in the tournament. We forget that Hazard is still young (only 25!) and there are hopes of him getting back to the level which made him the best player of the premier league in 2014/15 season.